• Fees: Rs. 1200
  • Support: 1 Month
  • Video Access: 1 Month
  • Users have to renew their subscription to access Training Videos & Support after 1 Month.

Course Details:

  • Use of multimeter
  • Basics of components & testing
  • How to disassemble folder & battery and other flex parts
  • How to apply Jumper
  • DC supply use
  • How to read schematic diagram
  • How to track full shorting & half shorting
  • How to fix U2 ic (Charging IC)
  • How to find U2 ic problem
  • How fix Touch ic & Graphics ic
  • How to fix Audio ic Safeway
  • How to fix Safeway all connector
  • Network Problem Fix
  • Fix Sam error
  • How to format and update
  • Maintenance of PCB
  • Replacement of WiFi
  • All Error Troubleshooting
  • Face id Repair
  • How to disassemble iPhone mobiles

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We have a team of Mobile Trainers with over 15 years of Experience and trained more than 2000 students through our Online & Offline Training Centre.  

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